I’ve been working with Ann Bruck since she was recommended to me over one year ago. Ann is, by far, the most effective, motivating and results-oriented trainer I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Struggling with my weight from a young age, I am no stranger to trainers, fad diets and the latest exercise craze that comes with the promise of changing my body overnight! Because of this experience, I wondered what another trainer could do for me that the previous trainer hadn’t already recommended. However when I met Ann, I knew she was different.
Ann has a practical approach to fitness that is impossible not to like. She believes in both pushing yourself but knowing your limits in order to avoid injury and stay healthy. Ann is a wealth of health and fitness information often suggesting small lifestyle changes that are easy to implement but yield tremendous results. Ann is motivating and encouraging but not disingenuously enthusiastic – she understands that she is working with real people who have a limited amount of time to work health and fitness into their schedules. Ann kept me engaged, excited, interested and looking forward to our weekly appointments, something I had struggled with when working with other trainers. Nothing was ever redundant or boring when working with Ann!
I would recommend Ann to anyone who is interested in working with a trainer. Her experience is vast, her knowledge is endless and her connection with her clients is undeniable. I trust Ann with my health and fitness more than anyone I’ve ever worked with. She is simply the best.  – Tiffany B

Ann and I have been working together to maintain my physical fitness since 2008, over 6 years. We meet regularly, two or three times per month. Our mutual goals are not confined to these one hour sessions but also include discussions about nutrition, flexibility, injury rehabilitation, general health and cross-training. I have incorporated many of the exercises she has introduced me to into my own daily routines.
Ann is observant of my individual exercise needs and requirements and we operate more as a team than as trainer and client. She is demanding but supportive and acutely aware of the difference between constructive and destructive exercise. My overall fitness has benefitted significantly under her direction. She has the imagination to select routines that feature sufficient variety and challenge to maintain my interest and concentration throughout each session.
One of Ann’s greatest strengths is as a source of practical constructive suggestions to remedy the physical disorders I inevitably accumulate during my other activities. These have included a sore hip, knee, shoulder, foot and elbow. She has repeatedly displayed the acumen to assess each condition accurately and provide moderate routines to resolve each condition. Frequently these incorporate the concept of balancing opposing muscle groups to remediate stress on tendons and joints.
Ann is a consummate professional, not content in her command of the field but continually expanding her knowledge of physical and emotional health and sharing this information with us. This knowledge in turn becomes a motivator throughout our daily lives.
I would highly recommend Ann to anyone seeking to maintain their physical well being. – Steve C.

Ann Bruck is the ultimate professional.  In addition to being knowledgeable in her field, she is able to transfer that knowledge to the individual needs of her clients.  During personal training sessions, she works differently with each of us at our varying levels of physical fitness.  Ann’s group yoga classes are just about the best offered at the gym.  In every class, she is aware of each person, constantly monitoring for possible adjustments that might need to be addressed.  On a personal note, she is warm, friendly, dependable, interested and interesting, and has a good sense of humor.  
It is obvious to me that working with Ann has helped me to maintain confidence in my ability to function as I approach the shady side of 70.  Continuing to exercise and work on strength building is more important now than ever.  Ann is tuned-in to my needs and encourages me to to do what is necessary to accomplish what I should be doing.
I cannot say that I love going to the gym, but I know how important it is for my mental and physical health.  Not to go to the gym is not an option.   Because Ann is who she is, it makes it easier for me to make going to the gym a much-needed routine.  As a personal trainer, I could not ask for anyone better.  As a yoga instructor, she conducts great classes. – Sheila P.

I started working with Ann in January 2008 after retiring and getting a diagnosis of spinal stenosis. I had always exercised; running, walking, stairmaster, stationary bike etc.. I had also tried PT for my back, heat, cold, vibrations etc. Nothing had worked.
After working with Ann for a short time, my back pain subsided and now after 6 years of working with her, I’m pain free and considerably stronger.  We’ve also worked on my poor balance, and I have to say, I didn’t fall once last winter on the slippery streets and sidewalks of Boston, which is unusual for me.
Besides enhancing my physical well being, I totally enjoy talking to Ann during my sessions. She knows my interests and passions, and she’s always current on these subjects. I’m sure she keeps up on other clients’ interests as well, which can be difficult! – Amy B.

Ann has many many strengths that she uses like tools in a box.  Depending on the day, she pulls out one or more of her many tools from her tool box to help me keep moving toward my goals.  It could be sympathy, flexibility, encouragement, determination, knowledge, psychology  J or just her sense of humor.
Working with Ann has helped build strength and flexibility. Ann has also deepened my interest in yoga and running. Through her encouragement and knowledge, I have tried to integrate all of this into my life for better health and wellness.
If I had to select one, I would have to say her genuinely caring nature and approach.  Ann has the rare ability to provide each client with undivided attention and really tune into their needs in that particular moment.  She is forever kind and giving.  I feel blessed to have her in my life.- Teresa C.
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