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Tuning the Body like a Guitar


There are a lot of clichés used in the fitness industry.  While attending a workshop last week, I heard another and this one really stuck with me because I can relate to the analogy.

Rather than just picking up the guitar and start jamming away, I need to make sure it’s in tune.  Likewise, when I begin a workout, the body should be in tune before starting the workout.  This will help reduce the risk of injury, whether during exercise or in everyday life.

90% of injuries are soft tissue injuries; sprains, strains, contusions, tendonitis, and stress injuries.  Injuries can happen as a result of a single episode such as a fall, sudden twist or blow to the body.  They can also happen over time from repetitive motions such as carrying a child on one hip, swinging a golf club or tennis racquet, or prolonged use of the computer keyboard and mouse.

Each person is unique and therefore, how we tune our body is going to be unique.

Below are a few examples in how we can do that.

Nerve Glides- Nerve gliding exercises encourage the nerves to glide normally as you move your joints. A nerve may not glide well if it is injured or inflamed, as it can get entrapped in the surrounding soft tissue.

Neural Glide Video

Foam Rolling/Self Myofacial Release- SMR focuses on alleviating adhesions (also known as “trigger points” or “knots”) to restore optimal muscle motion and function.


Dynamic Mobility- This helps to get the joints unstuck and warm the muscles, fascia and connective tissue.

Reach Across and OpenIMG_3406



Open and CloseIMG_3413



Hip SwingsIMG_3416



Side Step and Overhead Reach



Low Lunge with ReachIMG_3432


Side Lunge with Reach







Stag Stance Back Bend


Using any or all of these techniques will help tune your body to reduce risk of injury, decrease pain and improve performance.

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Sometimes you just need to TAKE the Plunge

With the air temperature at 22 degrees and the water temp at 40, sometimes you just need to throw on a bikini, run straight for the water and take the plunge.

I used this opportunity as a way to set the tone for my 2015.  This year is going to be full of adventure, excitement, wonder, life and laughter.

Taking that plunge, whether it be literally or figuratively, means you are in charge.  What do you want?

  • to get healthy and fit?
  • to be more financially set?
  • to create stronger relationships?
  • to leave behind what no longer serves you?
  • to talk less, listen more?
  • to explore the world?
  • to meet new people?
  • to do one thing every day that scares you?

Taking the plunge is going to be unique to each individual.  Be sure it’s you that you are doing it for.

be well-




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Boo Yah!! A man of Perseverance

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live and the manner in which you live,” Stuart Scott.

This morning the world lost a great man, father and role model.  For many of us he came on the scene through our television screens in 1993 via ESPN.  Always true to himself, never sacrificing who he was or what he stood for.  On or off-screen.  He was best known for catch phrases such as “Boo Yah!!” and “As cool as the other side of the pillow.”

While he was always a great sports journalist and treated athletes fairly, he will always be remembered for his perseverance of fight against cancer.  Diagnosed seven years ago, he fought hard through multiple surgeries, chemotherapy treatments and radiation.  Scott used mixed martial arts as a way to build strength, both physically and mentally.

“I never ask what stage (cancer) I’m in,” Scott told the New York Times. “I haven’t wanted to know. It won’t change anything to me. All I know is that it would cause more worry and a higher degree of freakout. Stage 1, 2 or 8, it doesn’t matter. I’m trying to fight it the best I can.”

This is the attitude we all need to carry with us.  May he rest in peace.

ESPN’s video tribute

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