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The Power of Touch

How do you greet your friends?  A kiss on the cheek and a bear hug, a hearty handshake, a fist bump, perhaps.  Maybe there is no physical contact at all.

Much of our society shies away from physical contact.  When in fact, it’s what we need more of.  The power of touch has profound benefits.  It can ease pain, lessen anxiety, and generate hope.  I am reminded of a story that a fellow yoga instructor shared.  She told her class that she would soon be moving from Denver to NYC.  After that class, a student approached her in tears.  As they began to talk, the student shared that she goes weeks at a time without having the physical contact of another being.  She worked in a cubicle and only greeted her co-workers with a “hello”.  There was no boyfriend in her life.  She had no pets.  And her friends rarely hugged each other.  So when the yoga instructor made a simple adjustment during class, it meant so much more than deepening the student into a pose.  It was a healing touch.

Those professionals that work “hands-on” have a special gift.  Massage therapist, nurses, yoga instructors, etc. in as sense, are healers.  But we don’t all need to be professionals to be a healer.  A simple hand on the shoulder to a co-worker who is down or a hug to a friend in need will show the power of touch.

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