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Excuse me sir, we have a “NO Cell Phone” policy…

At what point did our society decide it was OK to throw out proper etiquette and begin to ignore the rules and policies of health clubs and gyms.  This is supposed to be a place of disconnect from technology.  A place of refuge from work, family and social obligation.  A place to concentrate on your health and wellness.  Treat this space as you would your own home, with respect to yourself and others.  The following is a list of typical rules and policies most gyms have in place:

  • No talking on your cell phone, this includes bluetooth and other head-sets
  • Place towels in their respective bins
  • Throw garbage and newspapers away rather than leaving them for the staff to discard
  • De-rack your weights from benches and plate loaded machines
  • Replace accessories such as bands, tubes, Bosu balls, airex pads, etc when finished
  • Wear clean clothing, stinky clothes are unpleasant
  • Avoid dropping weights; this helps their life span and shows you are in control of the weight
  • Use your indoor voice; those within 30 feet of you don’t need to know how your weekend on the Cape was
  • Wipe down machines after use; nobody likes to get on a treadmill with sweat drips all over it
  • Allow others to work in; reading the newspaper during your rest is rude while someone else is waiting to use the machine
  • Follow the club’s time limits on cardio pieces, especially during peak hour and seasons

Some of these rules and policies may seem common sense, but I see each of these broken EVERY day while at work.  I encourage you to be respectful of those around you and try to follow these simple rules.  They are in place for your own safety and to help create a more positive gym experience.

I invite you to comment other rules and policies you wish fellow gym goers would follow, as well as any pet peeves you have while at the gym.

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What Are Others Saying about your Fridge?

At one time or another, we’ve been to a friend’s house and have been told “Help yourself, it’s in the fridge.”  What was your first reaction?  Was it bare bones with only a few beers, leftovers and a stick of butter.  Maybe a lot of expired containers.  Or is it filled with farmer’s market goodies such as kale, swiss chard, carrots, organic meat.

Anyone can have a person like Jeff Lewis come in and redecorate your home.  They suggest the couch go here and a piece of artwork over there.  This may have some of your own personality, however, may not entirely be your own.  But the contents of a refrigerator reveal what we enjoy eating and drinking.  Each of the contents may be savored on their own, others could be a key ingredient to the dish you are making for dinner tomorrow night.

As I opened the fridge to grab my lunch today, it was nice to see it stocked full with a great variety of foods.  There was the leftover chicken stir fry (which ended up being my lunch),  rice protein powder for shakes, cottage cheese, eggs, humus and lots of it.  Opening the drawers and you find fresh fruits and veggies, trail mix, pretzels, string cheese and much more.  There is no shortage of beverages either.  Iced coffee, milk, oj, and a few adult beverages.  I do not think anyone would have a difficult time finding a satisfying snack while rummaging through the depths of my fridge.

Again, I ask, what are others saying about yours?

be well-


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