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This morning as I sat for my meditation practice, I set an intention of reflection.  Within seconds, tears were rolling down my cheeks.  2014 has been filled with a roller-coaster of events and emotions, some more joyous than others.

But the first image that came while sitting was from ten years ago.  It was Christmas Eve and I was standing next to my grandfather and surrounded by several family members.  We were at the bedside of my Aunt, who was days away from losing her battle to breast cancer.  Today marks that day.

And then a picture of the ever so humble man we lost seven years ago, yesterday.  I was lucky enough to join him as he was honored by the Navy for his efforts at the Battle of Midway during WWII.  At the ceremony, when they announced his name, he made sure his family that was in attendance also be honored.  We all stood tall with him.

And then images of 2014 start to float in.  It was like popcorn, bursting moments from throughout the year.  I was back home, teaching a donation yoga class.  Several of my high school classmates joined me, along with family friends.  Spending time with my niece and nephew and amazed at how much they have grown, both in size and personality.

Images of being in a hospital and seeing the care doctors and nurses gave someone close to me, making every effort to save their life.

A large smile came across my face as pieces of the Boston Marathon began to float by.  There was the pre-race setup of buses ready to take us to Hopkinton.  There was a friend jumping into the middle of the road at the halfway mark in Wellesley, arms wide open, ready to give me a hug.  With the finish line so close, I stopped at the firehouse where they had lost two brothers just days before.  My godmother standing in the grandstand, clapping and cheering me on as I crossed the line.

I was standing on the T (subway lingo for those not familiar to Boston) as I received a text saying my dear friend’s wife had just given birth to beautiful twin boys.

In August I was back on the family farms, yes plural.  Walking the property, stepping back in the old barns and chicken coops, thinking about how much bigger they seemed when I was a kid.  And then drinking fireball whisky on the golf course with my aunts during our annual family hack n’ whack outing.

There was confirmation the company I had worked for since moving to Boston was sold to its biggest competitor.  I was forever grateful to the team I had worked for nearly ten years and now looking forward to new adventures.

Spending time with my mother as she made a fall trip to visit.  Taking her to the MFA, the Dali Lama and a Puerto Rican restaurant where they celebrated her birthday with song and dance.

And as the year began to wind down, receiving so many wonderful holiday cards with letters, notes and pictures of loved ones.  Not to mention long overdue phone conversations with friends from near and far.

In today’s day and age, many people pull out their camera (usually their phone) to capture moments in time.  Most of what I have described above are moments that I can relive whenever I want to or need to.  Because they are forever in my heart and soul.

So why the tears, one may ask.  I wouldn’t say they were sad or happy tears.  They were tears of a culmination of all the emotions I’ve been holding onto.  At the end of today’s meditation practice, I felt a great sense of peace.  And that is how I would like to end my 2014.

be well-




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What do Jimmy V, Kid President and Admiral William H. McRaven have IN common?

Sometimes there is a lump in the throat, a tear running down the cheek or that aha moment, sitting quietly as we listen intently to the speaker before us.  Maybe it’s a coach, the leader of the Fortune 500 company or someone we’ve never heard of before.  What they said struck a chord.

Motivational speeches are highly emotional and serve to urge and stimulate groups to pursue goals, correct mistakes and choose proper strategy.  They arm the audience with tools to succeed in different aspects of their lives.

Here are three of my favorite speeches, each offering life lessons to better ourselves and the world around us.

Surround yourself by those who create positive energy and strive to make you better each and every day.

be well-

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Moving Forward

“Life is divided into three terms- that which was, which is and which will be.  Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present, to live better in the future.”William Wordsworth

2014 has been a very interesting year for me on many levels.  I have learned several lessons through transitions in both my personal and professional life.  With just four weeks until we ring in the new year, it has gotten me thinking about my future.

I often take this time of year to set visions, goals, strategies and missions for what I want out of life and expectations I have for myself.  It takes time and effort for self-reflection.  It also helps to find motivation through conversations with friends and family, writing down quotes that inspire, and tearing out pictures that spark our interests.  In a sense, creating a vision board allows us to bring the spiderweb of ideas, together.

What does 2015 look like….


be well-


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