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Provincetown Cares

The mission of Provincetown Cares: Helping The Women We Love.

Provincetown Cares was created by Lynn d’Angona to help honor those women in our lives that have been affected by Breast Cancer and other life threatening illnesses.  As a way to help raise funds for research, education, screenings, and treatment for various organizations such as the Army of Women Foundation, The Fenway Community Health Center-Women Services and H.O.W. (Helping Our Women), there will be two events.

d’Angona will bring her talent as a film director to the stage for Provincetown Cares.  She will direct a staged reading, Memorial, an original work written by Anna Renee Pattison.  Returning to share their talents with Provincetown Cares are Georgia Lyman and Michelle Clunie, along with new talent both Boston local and nationally known.  There are two performances only, this Saturday, October 16th at 2pm and 6pm.  An after party with auction will be held at the Harbor Lounge at 8pm.  Tickets include the play and after party for $75.




The second event is Wednesday, October 13th, at the Paramount beginning at 9pm.  Tickets are $10.  There, you will see several local Provincetown comedians, along with other entertainment, with dancing to follow with DJ Rod Hott.  This event will be hosted by Maggie Cassella and feature Kate Clinton, Vickie Shaw, Jessica Kirson, Karen Williams, Karen Grenier.


Kick Off Party


For more information about Provincetown Cares and this year’s event:

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The Big “C”

We hear about it everyday.  There is not a single person that has not been touched by it one way or another.  Our mothers, brothers, teachers, co-workers, bus drivers, religious leaders.  Cancer.  How has it affected you?

This afternoon I received word that a former client’s five-year old daughter lost her battle to brain cancer.  Cancer does not discriminate against gender, age, religion, or race.  It will attack innocent victims.  Cancer can develop over time or come on all at once.

Many have debated as to what causes cancer.  Could it be our environment, the toxins in the air.  Second-hand smoke, smog, pesticides.  Or is it our diet of high fat and great amounts of sugar.  Is it lack of exercise, rest and stress.   There is no one definitive answer.

The World Health Organization states that 1/3 of all cancer cases are preventable.  Here are a few steps we can take to reduce the risk of getting cancer:

  • Avoid tobacco use- it has been linked to lung, bladder, cervix and kidney cancer
  • Eat a healthy diet- choose to eat lots of fruits and veggies and limit your fat intake
  • Maintain a health weight and stay physically active- include 30 minutes of physical activity daily
  • Sun protection- avoid mid day sun, stay in the shade, cover exposed areas
  • Take early detection seriously- self exams and professional screens are a must

Do your part.  Listen to your body’s warning signs.  If something does not seem right, seek an answer.  There are countless ways to help others.  Raise awareness.  Share your own story.  Run a road race.  Educate our youth.

5,000 bikes, ONE Cause

To all those whom have lost their battle, you are forever in our hearts- Grandpa Bruck, Aunt Joyce, Don H., Gene R., Brailey P., Anna L., Molly M., and countless others.

To all the survivors, thank you for your courage and determination.

To the support system of cancer patients, your endless love will always be remembered.

be well-

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