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This one’s for Kip

When I first started this blog nearly one year ago I asked many of my friends what topics they would like to see.  I was flooded with very creative and practical answers from views on diets and exercise to benefits of breast-feeding, opinions on vaccinations, which sun screen is best and more.  Last week another topic was suggested, “Giving.”  I cannot agree more than the importance of this subject and what better time than now.

Yesterday our nation celebrated its birthday. A few days prior, we lost one of the greatest women our country had the fortune of knowing for the past 85 years, Kip Tiernan.  Many of you from outside the Boston area will not recognize the name.  Others will know her as the founder of Rosie’s Place, the nation’s first shelter for homeless women.  “Every day of her life she lived for social justice, and the lives she saved were untold,’’ Mayor Thomas M. Menino said. “She always said that someday we will stamp out homelessness, but until that day we have to make sure everyone understands that a homeless person could be one of us. She was a very special person, and there’s a big hole in our lives today because Kip’s not here. This nation is going to miss Kip Tiernan because of her fight for social justice.’’

We don’t all have to be Kip.  In fact, many of us could not even understand the depth of what she’s done.  That doesn’t matter.  The power of giving is a selfless act.  When doing this with a full heart, there are no expectations of anything in return.

There are many ways to give.  Just a few examples are:

  • offer a hug to someone in need
  • become part of the Big Brother/Sister program
  • teach an illiterate adult how to read
  • hold a clothing drive at your local school
  • collect canned goods for the food bank
  • participate in a walk/race for a charity
  • work the phone banks or walk the beat during election time
  • write a check for a cause you truly believe in
Giving comes from the heart.  Find the Kip in you.
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For more information on Rosie’s Place

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